Combination Water Slides

For the maximum fun & entertainment of kids & adults, we have made this different types of best grade combination water slides. These are installed in large swimming pools, amusement parks and water parks. People wear shorts, tees, and trousers for sliding into the water. Our rendered structures include tunnel slide as well. In addition to this, kids go through these tunnels for sliding directly into the water. Combination water slides are extremely strong in construction and can bear heavy loads. During the summer seasons, these are highly admired for attaining a cool and joyful experience. These are easy to maintain and can resist colour fading.
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Combination Waterpark Slides

Price: 3000000 INR/Set
  • Supply Ability:10 Per Week
  • Delivery Time:7-8 Days
  • Maximum Speed:9000 RPM
  • Power Supply:3 Phase
  • Water Park Equipment:Other
  • Total Power Required:3 HP
  • Style:Outdoor
  • Material:Other
  • Game Equipment:Other
  • Suitable For:Adults
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Family And Open Body Slide

This is a family and open body slide with thrills if sharp twists and turns and suitable for all ages

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Water Racer Slide

Price: 500000 INR/Unit

Thickness 6 to 8 mm Color - Any Width - 32" Length - As per height

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Water Slide And Pool Umbrella

Price: 200000 INR/Set

Water slide and other water park equipment

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Water Slide

Price: 7000000 INR/Set
  • Components:FRP
  • Total Power Required:3 HP
  • Passenger Capacity:20
  • Water Park Equipment:Other
  • Power Supply:3 Phase
  • Maximum Speed:9000 RPM
  • Game Equipment:Other
  • Material:Other
  • Supply Ability:10 Per Week
  • Delivery Time:1 Week
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Tunnel Water Slide

Price: 2000000 INR/Set

This is a tunnel slide witch ends in a bowl type circular body.The slider falls t throuhg the center of the bowl into the pool.

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High Speed waterslide

Price: 2000000 INR/Set

Combination Slide Thickness 6 to 8 mm Color - Any Width - Standard Length - As per height

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Combination Slide

Price: 2000000 INR/Unit

Combination Slide Thickness 6 to 8 mm Color - Any Width - 34" Length - As per height

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Water Slide combination

Price: 1000000 INR/Set

Water slide combination pool slides

Product Image (COMB 02)

Combination Waterslides

Price: 4000000 INR/Set

Combination slide

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Open & Close Body Slide

Price: 1000000 INR/Unit

Combination of slides from different height

Product Image (COMB 01)

Combination of water slides

Price: 1000000 INR/Set

Combination of different water slides


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